Why did you start Scrumptious Flavors?
My passion for healthy foods and cooking started at a very young age. Since I can remember, I always loved being in the kitchen. Whether it was helping my mother prepare ingredients or acting as her second pair of taste buds, I was always by her side learning the fundamentals on how to prepare delicious meals. This passion has led me to create this food website.

As I grew older, I continued my experimentation with cooking and over the years, I mastered the characteristics of various food types and how they can be combined to create scrumptious and delicious meals…..even with minimal ingredients. For me, cooking is a combination of art, science, creativity and self-expression.

What are your objectives for Scrumptious Flavors?

  • Teach you how to cook simple, healthy and delicious meals that will nourish and energize your body.
  • Share my mind-blowing innovative recipes and food experiences from around the world with you.
  • Take your favorite recipes and teach you how to make a healthier version of them without compromising taste.

What’s your comments policy? 
Your comments make me happy because I love to hear from you guys. So please, comment away!

Note, I moderate my comments to keep out the spammers, and I generally post anything unless it’s hateful, hurtful and insulting to the other commenters. Likewise, if you want to be critical, please do it in a constructive manner—life’s too short to be nasty/bitter. And I accept anonymous comments, but I prefer if you leave your name that way I can get to know you!

Who takes the photos? 
I take all of them unless otherwise noted.

Can I republish your post, recipe and/or photo on my site? 
No, you cannot use my content on your site. If you make one of my recipes and want to blog about it, you can link back to my site without posting the recipe and instructions. If you want to use a photo, please ask first. For more information, visit our Terms & Condition and Privacy Policy pages

Do you consult/freelance? 
Yes, I do—both writing and photography. Drop me a note on [email protected] if you have a job for me.